Who Thinks the Future? A Peer Sessions exhibition curated by Tom Trevatt during Art Licks Weekend 2014. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England and shortlisted for the Artquest Workweek Prize, which recognises critical, risk-taking projects.

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At Lewisham Arthouse, 140 Lewisham Way, London SE14 6PD; 26th Sept - 5th Oct 2014
Josh Bilton // Darren Harvey-Regan // David Mabb // Jenny Moore
Steve Ounanian // Kate Pickering // Charlotte Warne Thomas

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Photographs © ORIGINAL&theCOPY

Talking about Contemporary Art Workshops

As part of Who Thinks the Future? Peer Sessions will offer a series of free public workshops aimed at those who are interested in increasing their confidence in engaging with, analysing and discussing contemporary art. Participants will be given an introduction to the exhibition, and some pointers on thinking about and discussing contemporary art. The group will then be encouraged to visually analyse the exhibition, facilitated by artists/ teachers Kate Pickering and Charlotte Warne Thomas, using the established and supportive Peer Sessions discussion format. Each workshop will last 1.5 hours. Educational handouts and further information will be provided to encourage ongoing engagement with both the exhibition themes and contemporary art in general.

At Lewisham Arthouse, 140 Lewisham Way, London SE14 6PD

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Peer Sessions: TRIALOGUES 24th March - 23rd May 2014
/ / three residencies / / three artists / / three exhibitions / /

The Peer Sessions TRIALOGUES residency series gave the opportunity for 3 groups of 3 artists to occupy the ASC Gallery space and create new work resulting in 3 exhibitions.
A catalogue with essays by Tom Trevatt and Charlotte Warne Thomas (CLICK HERE for PDF) and a series of educational workshops accompanied the project.

ASC Gallery
Erlang House, 128 Blackfriars Road
London SE1 8EQ

TRIALOGUES 01 / / Kate Pickering / / Emily Rosamond / / Steve Levon Ounanian
Private view Fri 4th Apr; open 5th – 11th Apr

True Stories from the Event Horizon is a collaboration between artists Kate Pickering, Emily Rosamond, and Steven Levon Ounanian. The School of the Event Horizon may or may not be teetering on the edge of a black hole, depending on your viewpoint. It is situated in a place and time where place and time become unhinged. Pickering, Rosamond and Ounanian attempt to harness the black hole’s propensity to warp and mutate space-time. Performing the rites of a past/future order, they reassemble corrupted facts, retrieve what might have been lost, and set about the tasks of sifting, connecting, destroying and reconstructing information.

A black hole sucks you in.
A black hole does its damage.
A black hole puts on trousers and a light show.
A black hole wanders the globe, and eats what it can: biscuits, banks and glue guns.

A black hole brings its own horizon.
A black hole is the crown jewel of the gravitons.
A black hole turns a building inside out.

A black hole, a stigmata, a lesion. Undoing the skin of belief and idea.
A black hole opens onto another universe.
A black hole sucks in a plane, transports it from fact to fiction. As it leaves with its prey, it blows a kiss of wormholes, which suck thought into swirls of frantic repetition.

A black hole takes in information, turns encyclopedias into ash. Grilled to its core, the information clings to the ash, bites on the ash, wears the ash like an earring.

A black hole hoovers fact to fiction.
The School of the Event Horizon

TRIALUGUES 02 / / Tina Hage / / Claudia Djabbari / / Charlotte Warne Thomas
Private view Fri 25th Apr; open 26th Apr – 2nd May

Conversations Over Chocolate Squares is the second part of the Peer Sessions: TRIALOGUES residency project at ASC Gallery in Southwark. Conversations Over Chocolate Squares will showcase new and collaborative work from artists Tina Hage, Charlotte Warne Thomas and Claudia Djabbari made during their two-week residency at ASC. Together the artists explore their shared interests through the manipulation of modular structures and focus on aspects of process and production through their sculpture and site-specific installation.

TRIALOGUES 03 / / Vera Kox / / Lisa Selby / / Megan Broadmeadow
Private view Fri 16th May; open 17th – 23rd May

You who are strangers is a collaboration between artists Megan Broadmeadow, Vera Kox & Lisa Selby for the third TRIALOGUES residency at ASC Gallery, London. Shun a loud voice, staring at people, knocking into them, talking across anyone; in a word, do not attract attention to yourself. Do not expose your private affairs, feelings or innermost thoughts in public. You are knocking down the walls of your house when you do.

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Peer Residencies; 10th August - 6th September 2013
Unit 4 / / Enclave / / 50 Resolution Way / / London / / SE8 4NT
During Summer 2013, Peer Sessions invited 9 artists who have shown their work with us over the years, to collaborate with a fellow Peer artist on a week-long residency in our temporary space at Enclave. Each residency culminated in a Friday evening public event, in which the artists presented the results of their projects.

Residency 1; Dave Charlesworth & Emma Hunt; Friday 16th August
Both artists presented new work, including 3 films by Dave Charlesworth and a performance by Emma Hunt, made during the week, in which they worked alongside each other, sharing ideas and working practices
Emma and Daves installation
Dave Charlesworth & Emma Hunt

Emma Hunts performance
Emma Hunt's performance

Residency 2; Blue Curry & Lisa Selby; Friday 23rd August
With overlapping interests and sculptural practices that address similar concerns, Curry and Selby took the opportunity of the residency to combine their ideas and processes to make a new collaborative body of work for 'Future Memories'
Lisa and Blues collaboration2Lisa and Blues collaboration
Blue Curry & Lisa Selby's collaborative project 'Future Memories'

Residency 3; Merike Estna & Trevor Kiernander; Friday 30th August
The artists worked together on a collaborative installation which involved them both making new works, whilst combining elements from their individual practices to create an immersive painted and sculptural environment, complete with music and cocktails (in conjunction with Dream Island) for the opening night
Merike and Trev
Dream island
Merike Estna & Trever Kiernander's collaborative installation

Residency 4; Joey Holder, Rowena Harris & Tom Trevatt; Friday 6th September
The three artists worked independently, following their own concerns while sharing the space and coming together to reflect on the precarious nature of labour for the contemporary arts professional. For this they used a mechanical "clocking in" device, and set up a blog to explore their shared concerns and chart their progress:

Left: Rowena Harris' film and sculpture (foreground) & Joey Holder's installation
Right: Joey Holder's installation (detail)

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/ / FEEDBACK / /
7pm Friday 9th August / / A pop-up exhibition curated by Peer Sessions
Unit 4 / / Enclave / / 50 Resolution Way / / London / / SE8 4NT

/ / FEEDBACK / / is a pop-up exhibition, drawing on the experience of feedback and documents from the Peer Sessions Archive, exploring the process by which discursive input can form part of a cyclical system or loop to influence creative decision-making and development.

Curated by Charotte Warne Thomas & Kate Pickering

With contributions from:
Blue Curry / / Brenda Miller / / Charlotte Warne Thomas / / Dan Munn / / Dave Charlesworth / / Emily Rosamond / / Emma Hunt / / Jason Underhill / / Joey Holder / / Lisa Selby / / Megan Broadmeadow / / Merike Estna / / Monica Ursina Jaeger / / Rowena Harris / / Ruth Beale / / Trevor Kiernander / / Tom Trevatt / / Kristen Lovelock
the Kolb reflective learning cycle
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Interactive blackboard installation from / / FEEDBACK / /

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The Assistant Project and at Bearspace
August 2010

Kate Pickering / / Maria Fusco
Blue Curry / / Gordon Cheung